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just read all about it.....

I have been a self taught sewing wiz since I was young,
I started making hand bags and back packs about 20 or so years ago for friends and of course myself. This also grew into an internet, traveling to arts festivals and at home business. I have a lot of bags that I am selling at home that are not currently on the web, you can contact me at any time to special order something of your choice. All bags are one-of-a-kind.

My services include;
Hand bags
Shoulder Bags
Duffle bags
Passport bags
Make-up bags
Coin/business card bags
Wine bags

~~personalized letter bags~~

*Alterations for women, men & children
*Clothing & accessories (Bridal, evening wear, and anything else.)
*Reupholstering work
*Vintage clothing/bead work repairs
*Clothing reproductions (get that favorite shirt you can't find remade)
*Home Decor (Drapes, curtains, pillows, custom slipcovers and anything else)

I love to collect vintage clothing & accessories, fabrics and furniture. I also like to collect glass beads, license plates, butterflies, dragonflies and stained glass type things.

If you have furniture you like to give away or barter services, let me know.

My couch I just finished for my home.
You can have a beautiful couch too!!!

Need services or have pricing questions? Just ask!