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Duffle Bags

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On this page are a few of my favorite Duffle Bags for sale. They are fully lined, zippered with a pull cord, durable and ready to go!!!
They come with a free zippered pouch to coordinate the bag.


Peppermints is a really cool duffle bag in whit small wale & red textured corduroy patchworking. The sides are white corduroy.

1 inch red polypropylene strapping, red 9 inch zipper and red satin quilted lining.

The bag is 9 inches wide.

SOLD! (special order it if you want one!)

Bunny Milk

This is the hottest duffle bag I ever made.....

Made of various pinks & reds in corduroy & velvet, and of course, some of the fabrics were hand-dyed by me.

Hot pink corduroy sides.

18 inches wide with a 18 inch pink zipper with pullie.

1 inch hot pink polypropylene durable strapping and a dark red plaid quilted lining.

*also available is a really cool shoulder bag with an adjustable strap!!!

Super Hero

I want to be you super hero...yeah...yeah!

This tiny cute duffle bag is in turquoise small wale & a red textured corduroy patchworking. The sides are solid turquoise corduroy.

The bag has 1 inch red polypropylene strapping, red satin quilted lining a red 7 inch zipper.

The bag is 7 inches wide.

Orange Corduroy Funk

Awesome orange corduroy duffle bag with matching sides.

1 inch polypropylene strapping in racer colors; black, red, orange & yellow.

14 inches long with a 14 inch orange zipper & pullie.

Light orange funky denim lining.

*you can special order this bag in a different color with these funky straps*

Corduroy Foiled

The ultimate one of a kind purple metallic corduroy duffle bag.
18 inch black zipper, 18 inches long with matching sides.

1 inch black polypropylene durable strapping.

Black quilted lining.

It is a must have!!!

Brownie Denim

A really fun retro chocolate brown denim duffle bag with matching sides.

Funky mustard colored flower power linen trimming.

14 inches wide with an light orange zipper to pick up the orange in the flower middles.

Funky dark red & pink plaid quilted lining.