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On this page are some very cool bags that I have for sale. They are fully lined and have a free zippered pouch to coordinate the bag.

Grape Ape

This is Grape Ape!!

This super black baby wale & wild hand-dyed purple baby wale corduroy is top stitched in matching purple.

It has a 46 1/2 matching black corduroy strap with the purple top stitching too, black light weight cotton lining and snap button.

The bag is 13 inches by 12 inches.

*there is a handbag with polyproplene straps available like it...ask for details*

this one is sold, special order it!

Rainbow Hand-dyed Corduroy Patch Bag

Please take in consideration, most of the colors in this piece is hand-dyed are by me. Just another beautiful piece that had a lot of TLC put into it. Just look at how small the patches are!

Burgundy corduroy 37 inch strap.

12 inches wide....12 inches long.

*check it out in a back pack on this site.
Can be ordered in a different style and size.*

Dark Velvet Jems

Here is a gorgeous velvet patch worked messenger type bag is in plum, midnight blue, purple and hand-dyed in light teal and baby blue. The matching 52 inch plum velvet strap has also 11 inches of patch working where the neck would meet.

This bag was especially hand made with TLC with a hand dyed seafoam colored satin lining. Just adore the small patching!!

This bag is 12 inches by 14 inches.

*also can be special ordered in a different color scheme or size.*

Velvet Hand-dyed Jem Messenger Bag

This is a prized bag...nothing beats it in my collection.

You have to appreciate this one...every piece of velvet was hand-dyed by me..excluding a few pieces of plum, navy & black velvet.Has a 40 inch messenger style strap.

I must add a lot of hours of labor went into this piece.

Hand-dyed seafoam satin lining.

14 inches wide and 14 inches long.

*this could get custom ordered in a scarf or any other style bag...this is the only one, special orders are highly recommended.*

Denim Messenger Bag

The denim patchwork messenger bag...very durable, great for all lifestyles.

Has a 36 inch matching patch worked strap.

Great navy blue lining.

14 inches wide....14 inches long.

*available in a backpack and shoulder & hand bag styles....ask for details*

Corduroy Picker Messenger

Multi colored corduroy patchwork messenger style bag with a 43 inch matching over the shoulder strap. You can over stuff this , it is very durable for the everyday lifestyle.

The corduroy colors are chocolate brown, khaki tan, smoke gray and plum.

Has a beautiful floral damask lining in black with striping.

The bag is sized at 14 inches by 14 inches.

*check it out in a back pack on this site.Can be ordered in a different style and size.*