Miss Patch Boutique™

Wrist Pouches

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Great little wrist pouches, great for on the go, shopping & travel, going to concerts/clubs or just that little bag for the necessities.

Wrist strap, secured zipper and fully lined.

Can be special ordered into any color or scheme.

Satin Lover

This is a beautiful red & plum satin patchworked wrist strap pouch.

It has a 7" plum zipper, red satin lining and a 1 inch red polypropylene strap.

The pouch is 7 inches by 8 1/2 inches.

Mini Spots

Big leopard spotted faux fur zippered pouch with a 1 inch black polypropylene strap.

Black 7 inch zipper and black lining.

The bag is 7 inches by 7 1/2 inches.

*available in different prints, sizes, styles, with or without strap.*

Corduroy Striped Patch

This is a awesome corduroy striped patchwork pouch in green, yellow and blue corduroy.

It has a 7" black zipper, green printed lining and 1 inch green polypropylene strap.

The pouch measures at 9 inches by 10 inches.

Khaki Wallpaper

Khaki green printed wrist pouch with a matching colored 9 inch zipper and a 3/4 inch black polypropylene strap.

Khaki tan lining.

The bag is 9 inches by 7 inches.

Earthy Patch

Earthy patch pouch bag is great for going out to have fun!!!

It is in chocolate, baby blue and khaki tan corduroy

Brown 7 inch zipper, baby blue patterened lining and 1 inch brown polypropylene strap.

7 inches by 9 inches.

Patchy Corduroy

This corduroy patch worked bag is roomy to fit all kinds of stuff.

The colors are khaki cream, smoke gray, chocolate brown and plum.

Has a black 7 inch zipper, 1 inch polypropylene strap and gray plaid lining.

The bag is 7 inches by 9 1/2 inches.